Monday, November 9, 2015

Planned Review:Tinkering with the Tinkerer from 1 to 9.

Long time no blog.

So I have decided that I absolutely need to do a review of a 3rd party class I've been playing in Pathfinder.  It's called the Tinker and made by Interjection Games

We're doing an 'adventure path' (a set of adventures tied together in an arc) that should take us from level 1 to level 20.
Seems like it should be a great method to run through the paces with the class.

Not only do I plan on doing the review, but I also plan on re-tinkering the class back to something more playable and enjoyable.  Once done, I intend to post the review on the book itself/send it to the maker.

Admittedly we've already house ruled some stuff to make it playable, and the DM is VERY flexible with the adventure path (injects some logic and flavor in areas apparently lacking). It still generally will come down to the mechanics of playing a character and working through them.

The first review should be levels 1-9. This is due to my character currently being level 9 and the fact that level 10 is a special level where many new abilities unlock.  I predict this will require a level or two to test and balance and therefore it makes level 9 a great point to cut off for the first review.  The second perhaps taking place around level 14, and the last one or two being at 19/20.

It seems like it would be fun.  I complain so much about aspects of the class I can put my "time" where my mouth is and go for it.  Review and potentially fix the lot of it.

Oh I forgot.
Link to the class for easy access.

I have also purchased all the digital splat books for the class and will be referencing inventions in those books too.

As a rough overview, it's a complicated minion summoning class.  You build minions with points then you can summon them and use them to fight your foes.  I'll get more into how it actually plays out in the review, but there's a lot of pre-calculation to be done when playing the class, but if you have the stat blocks prepared when you sit down to combat it's potentially simpler than a summon monster spell for dealing with stat blocks.
One more edit.
After taking a look at my notes, I think an introduction to the class is in order prior to any reviews.
Current review plan.
  • Intro
  • 1-9
  • 10-14
  • 15-20
Meatiest content will probably be introduction and 1-9 as they will cover basic tinker gameplay as well as the unlocks for each levels 1-9.

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