Monday, May 2, 2011

Is it Terrible of Me?

The question is twofold. One, is the way I capitalized the title terrible? I really need to take the time to research exactly how the title should be capitalized for things like it and of.

Two, is it horrible of me to want to play a DnD game that is upcoming amongst some friends? This sounds innocent at first, but it has some things that make it more questionable. Firstly, the game will be some pre-fab adventures. Secondly, it's in a pre-fab setting (Dark Sun). Thirdly and most grievously it's fourth edition.

But, I'm still excited by the potential of the game. For a handful of reasons. One, it's with some roleplayers I played with previously and I know to be an awesome group. Two, it's going to be a foray into online transmitted game using skype, and a maptool. Three, I honestly am somewhat excited to play in the Dark Sun setting. It's the most distinct and interesting setting I've ever read in novels, and played on the compy and will be the first time ever on paper I've touched it.

It wont by any means be 'upping my game,' but I see it as an opportunity to hopefully have some fun playing with some friends while I work on other projects. And hopefully after I settle into my new position at work, I'll be able to post some real content here.