Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Fortune

Now that I am finally on a rather large break from work, (My workplace has a VERY long winter break due to standard release schedules) I have an opportunity to sit back, relax and let everything fall into perspective a bit.  Being so close to work all the time, the frustration at certain higher ups and how the bigger picture seems to be lacking me (at least for the last four weeks) and all that.

It helps that I have a piece of technology added to my toy box that I thought I would never own.  Through a fortuitous turn of events an iPad has managed to fall into my lap.  This immediately got me to thinking about all the wonderous and amazing things I could do with an iPad.  First I started considering it's potential for 'pen and paper' gaming.  Then I got distracted by all the iPad games I thought I'd never get to play.  Now I am returning to the potential of mobile pen and paper gaming.

As of now I have installed Skype to the device for my online game, but until I get a dice roller app I am happy with and build a decent character sheet in any kind of app, I don't think it beats my PC yet.  I am however looking forwards to using it to have video as well as be able to talk as loud as I want in the other room while my girlfriend sleeps in the bedroom.  Furthermore the ability to talk to anyone with Skype will be super fun.
I installed an app called Numbers made by apple themselves (I figure if Microsoft makes one of the leading spreadsheet apps for PCs then hopefully Apple can make a good one for Macs, or in this case an iPad.)  This looks like it has a lot of potential for use as a decent character sheet system.  Easily duplicatable sheets, very customizable charts and graphs.  It probably sucks for professional work, but for what I'm doing I think it's going to be perfect.  Never again will I need to have a million pieces of scrap paper everywhere!  I hope..

As far as dice rollers go, I've scouted out the basic free rollers and am a bit disappointed.  I should really get off my ass and see what it would take to make my own.  Just to be sure the programming isn't biased ;).  From the ones I saw, there was one that biased the numbers, and another that didn't have quick rolls.

Eventually I would like to get a drawing app on the device.  Draw character pictures, maps, sketch out plans and such.  This is kind of a stretch goal, not necessary by any means, and I've only done extremely light research into it.  Hopefully I'll find something. 

I was talking to a co-worker at work about gaming on the iPad, and he and I both agree there should be an Ultimate <System> Companion.  Just think, a whole suite with map generators, character sheets, inventory and magic items, dice rollers...  Someone could EASILY sell it for 15$ a pop.  I just hope someone goes in and does it.  I would buy one for each system I actually use if they make it thorough enough.

Anyhow, I'm feeling a bit better than last post.  Here's wishing everyone health, happiness and Good Fortune.