Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Possible Future Projects

Well it seems like my energy levels are starting to rise again.  Might as well harness the energy while it lasts.

I was rereading some old blog posts and found the Abstract project I was working on.  I think I may want to look into it again and begin some work on it.

I've also been thinking about building a "universe" builder for my space game.  Essentially it would generate a universe, populate the areas of interest and then highlight the interactions.

I think both will need some administrative work before they could begin, but for the second I actually have a volunteer who would help me work on it.

Work to be Done

Abstract Project
  • Gather existing data
  • Assess direction and compare with recent learning
  • Establish goals of system
  • Attack project
Universe Generator
  • Build Design Doc
  • Establish landmarks of project
  • Assess actual manpower
  • Pre-Establish formulae plans
As a general update...
  • I was forced to end my space game due to players dropping out or being absent.  (Employees being let go and such)
  • In a pathfinder game playing a third party class (potential writing material here)
  • Still working with the guys from Rust Devils games on Zed or Alive (A wargame with a campaign system focused on zombie apocalypse and small squads)

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