Thursday, February 27, 2014

Delayed Update for 2/22

Was supposed to be a very busy weekend.
Had three games planned and had to get the system playable for Monday.

Two games cancelled and one downgraded to online resulting in having a lot more time, but also resulted in me forgetting about posting.  Should set an alarm or something...


The first game with the system in use went much better than expected.  The players caught on quickly and the system went through a functional combat.  I need to come up with a pilot sheet and maybe some counters to shift around to make things easy, but I think it's looking good.

Areas that need development.  Warp, aside from needing a new name needed to be written down and jump delays evaluated.

Salvaging needs minimal functioning rules.

Cargo space needs to be developed into minimal functioning rules.

Chases need to be developed into having slightly less bias towards ship agility and more bias towards skill.  I think I've already got a handle on this.

Player morale is good, I think they're looking at exploring their options.

Damage effects NEED to be written down.

I need to take better notes during play.

Gotta figure out why Google Docs didn't have the most up to date doc on another computer (the one with a printer) <--- VERY IMPORTANT

Formations 'worked'.  Haven't tried with PCs in a formation.

Game started off with a crit fail on a warp check followed by a crit fail on a notice check.  This was amusing but had us start with a pirate ambush.

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