Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Attributes

The First Attribute: Before the physical being, there is a will to be. There is the reaching from the spiritual to the physical and forming a bond. Connecting to the physical. This defines the connection with the divine, and the raw force of will to defy an attack against the soul or it's connection to the physical.

A high First Attribute will allow for greater defense against non-physical magic, psychic, and dominating social attacks. It will grant a greater connection to the spiritual world, and a stronger will to exert change upon the world through internal force.

A low First Attribute will cause one to be easily dominated, easily effected by mental exertion and have a tenuous connection from this world to the divine.

Improvement can be through spiritual enlightenment and development, self realization and cultivation of the soul. Degradation occurs through spiritual attack and neglect, through apathy and a reduction in self actualization.

The Second Attribute: Once the will for the self is present a vessel is required in the physical realm. The Second attribute represents the fitness and health of this vessel. It defines the ability to take damage, withstand fatigue and endure extreme environments. It is also the physical presentation of the self into the world.

A High Second Attribute will cause the vessel to have a high ability to withstand damage. It will improve general appearance and tolerance to environments outside the norm. The stability of the vessel will be greater as will the resistance to physical attacks.

A Low Second Attribute will cause the vessel to be fragile and susceptible to disease and possibly malformed. The vessel is vulnerable to physical attacks and hostile environments.

Improving the Second Attribute is achieved through rigorous fitness exercise regimens, healthy diet, good living conditions and careful personal grooming. It is reduced by poor exercise, poor nutrition, poor living conditions, repeat exposure to toxic substances and poor personal care.

The Third Attribute: After the vessel is made, it's first experiences must be taken in, to do this there is the Third Attribute. This attribute governs the collection of the information around the vessel. Sight, sound, touch, spatial awareness and the many senses are governed by the Third Attribute.

A high Third Attribute will allow the vessel to be in constant awareness of their surroundings. They will know exactly what is going on, and many details on the actions, objects, environments or vessels around them. They will be difficult to surprise, and they will more easily detect emotions and body language.

A low Third Attribute will cause the vessel to be mostly unaware of their surroundings. They will be easily surprised, and will often miss even obvious cues. Details will escape them frequently. Their ability to spot emotions and body language will be limited.

Increasing the Third Attribute can only be done by practice and dedicated exercises. These would focus on exploring the world around the vessel, interacting and scrutinizing environments, vessels and objects. Decreasing the third attribute can occur due to losing sensors such as eyes, tongues or nervous system damage. It can also occur due to the vessel being in a bland or otherwise inactive setting for a prolonged period of time.

The Fourth Attribute: After the vessel has become aware of it's environment it will be driven to interact with it. It's first interactions will be broad sweeping changes. The Fourth Attribute is the measure of these actions. Moving the vessel through running, jumping, climbing. Pushing, pulling, swinging and lifiting. Basic and key elements relying only on sensing and acting. These actions value power and accuracy.

A high Fourth Attribute will grant the ability to lift very heavy objects, run fast and jump far. It will allow speed and power. Vessels attacks will be more powerful and the vessel will be faster. It's ability to manifest it's will on the physical world will be great.

A low Fourth Attribute will limit the ability to lift objects and their speed. They will lack the speed and power other vessels maintain. Their ability to exert their will on the physical world will be limited.

Increasing the Fourth Attribute requires exercise regimens directed towards physical power. Regular lifting, running and manifesting will in a physical manner are key to these exercise regimens as is maintaining the Second Attribute. Decreasing the Fourth Attribute occurs as attrition due to lack of power related activities and for similar reasons as decreasing the Second Attribute.

The Fifth Attribute: After interacting with the environment the vessel will see the effect they have created. Noting that they created an effect, and through experimentation eventually recognizing the regular patterns is exercising the Fifth Attribute. The Fifth Attribute governs the ability to interpret cause and effect, to form hypothesis and predictions on what caused and effect or what effect an action may cause.

A high Fifth Attribute grants the ability to interpret the information the Third Attribute grants. The vessel will have a greater capacity to manipulate other vessels, to predict future events and to formulate plans. They also have a greater ability to sort through large amounts of information and to judge the worth of each piece.

A low Fifth Attribute limits the extent of the vessels awareness of what will happen in the future. They will likely have little idea of why they are where they are, or even what has caused an event that is currently occurring. They will also have little power to alter another vessel's intended actions and opinions.

Increasing the Fifth Attribute can be done by study, instruction and mental exercises. Interacting with the environment and scrutinizing the results carefully will aid in the expansion of the Fifth Attribute. Decreasing the Fifth Attribute can occur through nervous system damage and becoming out of touch with the current levels of technology or culture.

The Sixth Attribute: Now that the vessel has learned that it's sweeping changes can effect it's environment, and has the capacity to understand how to reproduce changes, it may desire to make more intricate actions occur. These actions would rely on predicting a preceding action synchronizing with other actions, or knowing that many many smaller actions may work together to create a greater whole action. This would be governed by the Sixth Attribute.

Those with a high Sixth Attribute are capable of greater physical reaction speed, better ability to manipulate complicated mechanisms and a greater ability to predict another vessel's reaction to your own physical action and act accordingly. Their understanding that fine changes can have dramatic results allows them to account for these changes extremely well.

Those with a low Sixth Attribute will find they are constantly slower at reacting, find complex mechanisms difficult to interact with, and find it difficult to act in a way to intercept an aware opponent. They are unlikely to know how to make the fine changes necessary to make the results they wish to have occur.

Increasing the Sixth Attribute requires practice and training. Both in the concepts necessary to understand before performing these actions, and the actions themselves. Decreasing the Sixth Attribute can occur through poor maintenance of the Second Attribute, as well as extreme lack of practice.

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