Thursday, March 31, 2011

Designer's Block

I'm at one of the many stages I get, where I'm hesitant to start poking my system towards a definitive and decisive direction. I'm forced to ask myself if I should continue, organically creating abilities and bonus' for each character by their roleplaying 'theme' in a form of evolutionary shotgun technique or if I should intelligently design based on establishing a system and statistical theme for each class.

A number of questions arise, such as the variations between damage. With the introduction of morale, health and energy as the most malleable statistics, and arguably the main or at least secondary targets of combat, it gives me many options. However, should casters be themed to only do morale, or physical? Should I carefully balance buffs, debuffs, damaging and healing abilities by class? Should I balance it so every class has at least one? Should I focus classes towards Area of Effect and single target?

I have ideas, but this is my stumbling block. I need to gather my energy to bull rush this one out of the way. But, I'm not there yet.

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