Monday, January 3, 2011

The Purpose of the Blog

Recently I have considered what agenda I am pushing, and why I am creating this blog. Why am I even posting these thoughts to the supposed general public? As of the moment this is a small audience, but this is for myself as well as anyone who stumbles across this.

The agenda is quite simple. My agenda, my purpose and goal is to say there is a hole in the myriad of systems for a specialized system built to fill the gap, and that it needs to be filled, and that this system will fill that hole. That hole being a system with both roleplaying and solo character statistics and a mechanic of growth to a wargame scale including management of resources. A system that allows the players to develop a hero to a warlord to an emperor and maybe a god while allowing for the desire to wander off with a party or send an army in your stead.

This is all well and good. But why make a blog? Why not just post it in HTML 'stone' somewhere for someone to read, nod, and wait for the next bit of information to come along. For the next bit of god's word to come spouting out. Because I am not perfect. Because I am not god and my system will be flawed, in some ways perhaps fatally. I post this information, these supposed rules and systems and theories and themes in the hope that someone will see and point out supposed flaws. These flaws will only be seen outside the creator, either through playtesting or criticism. If I look and don't believe there is a flaw I will indeed defend my position stating possible reasons for it's strength or covering feature or flaw, and if there is a flaw, perhaps it will save or scrap the entire system. Saving me time, effort and electrons.

This means, when you look at this blog, and see something you think will never work. Some flaw that will require effort and time to fix, thought and creativity, please mention it. Even if you are going to continue on with your life never to read the blog again. Your helpful criticism is appreciated.

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