Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heroes And Everyone Else

Not pretending anything I do in my system is unique or new, I plan on making the clear and definite distinction between the heroes and everyone else. Heroes will have more detail and statistics, and generally will be more powerful than any one person in an at level encounter. Exceptions being the villains and 'boss' opponents heroes are supposed to combat. Ideally my goal is that the players will use two sides of a piece of paper at most, important persons one side and no names at most half a side of a piece of paper. Considering that no-names will be replicated as needed one stat block could of coarse apply to 10,000 warriors. More on that number later I'm sure. This means my combat system needs to be able to be broken down into a few lines with few having to look at base stats. One of my worries with this is that it will become too plain. More to come...

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